Construction Sites

If not properly protected, construction sites are a common place for delinquents to hang out and vandalize. That is why hiring a security guard to provide oversight at a construction site is extremely important to making sure that your site does not suffer any expensive setbacks like vandalism, graffiti, and theft. Preventive measures- like hiring a security guard- decreases your risk of financial loss and makes sure you finish your construction project on time.

Taking preventative measures to lock equipment can help, but it does not guard against vandalism or destruction to property; the only way to ensure complete security is with a highly trained security guard. 

American Eagle can prevent all of these issues and more. Our customized plans are customized to your needs and deters criminals from interfering with your time-sensitive projects. Attentive guards ensure that no unauthorized visitors make it onto your site, meaning nothing will come between you and your deadlines.

We exceed all industry standards to make sure that we satisfy all of your security needs, and offer a variety of payment plans and competitive pricing to make American Eagle affordable for any sized business.

American Eagle has the knowledge and experience to protect valuable industrial properties and provide security at your construction site. With our significant expertise and industry best practices, we build customized security services to cater to your needs.

After regular business hours, industrial parks and construction sites are deserted until the next day Expensive machinery and materials are often left unguarded, leaving the site open to potential theft or vandalism.  That is why many heavy machine rental companies are reluctant to rent out equipment to construction companies if the site is not adequately guarded. 

America Eagle works in close cooperation with its clients to protect their sites and properties. We do this by:

  • Controlling site access

  • Supervise and patrol the site

  • Dispatch patrols on a random schedule to account for any usual activity

  • Quickly dispatch extra security guards as needed

  • Conduct inspections

  • Respond to alarms

  • Write and submit timely daily, weekly, and monthly reports