Private Events

Event Venue Security - American Eagle is highly experienced with all sides of event security. Controlling guest privacy, visitor entry and departure, and constantly supervising your venue to keep your attendants safe are just some services we offer. Our customized plans ensure that all of your needs are met, and our competitive prices means that even the smallest events can afford their safety. No matter the occasion, we make sure your affair runs smoothly, safely, and gives you the peace of mind you can't find anywhere else.

Entertainment Venue Security-  For most clubs, bouncers are simply normal employees, not actual "security personnel" (who require the special training and licensing that American Eagle maintains). This means that the authority of a bouncer is the same as any ordinary citizen. Bouncers have no special right to become physical with a customer who becomes drunk or obnoxious, which can potentially lead to legal issues if your bouncer does engage in an altercation. 


Meanwhile, when you hire a trained and licensed security guard from American Eagle, you reduce your risks and protect your establishment with legitimized and licensed trained guards.