Shopping Centers

Nobody should have to worry over threat of theft -or even worse- violence in their store. You can have all of your guests, visitors, and workers feel safe and welcome with our Retail Security service in Southern California.


American Eagle can provide armed or unarmed security guards to protect your storefront. We provide security for your entry/exit points, inventory loss prevention, and employee safety. No matter the need, we will customize our security to fit your needs. 


The main goal of American Eagle's Loss Prevention Division is to prevent losses. Losses can occur in various ways, through internal or external theft, shoplifting, robbery, lawsuits or accidents and injuries. Luckily, our Retail Loss Prevention officers are specially trained to preemptively address these threats. 


American Eagle Security is an expert in "Robbery Suppression"  to discourage, dissuade and avert robbery activity. Our Loss Prevention Officers are thoroughly trained on all aspects of Retail Security.

American Eagle Security far exceeds industry standards to provide you the best service possible. Competitive rates allow even the smallest of retailers or event hosts to make all guests feel safe and secure.